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რეკომენდაცია პაციენტებისგან

ელეონორა, 27, თბილისი

პირველად ტკივილი  წელის არეში და შემდეგ ტკივილის გადატანა მარცხენა კიდურში 19 წლის ასაკში ვიგემე. თითქმის ერთი თვე ვიწექი, ვერ ვმოძრაობდი. ახლა 27 წლის ვარ და ამ ხნის მანძილზე ვეძებდი ექიმს, რომელიც დამისვამდა სწორ დიაგნოზს, დამინიშნავდა სწორ მკურნალობას. ბატონმა არჩილმა ეს შეძლო და მეტიც, მსგავსი პროფესიული თუ ადამიანური მიდგომით მე საქართველოში სხვა ექიმი დიდი ხანია არ მინახავს. საუკეთესო ნეიროქირურგია. ჩემი დიდი რეკომენდაცია მას.

I was operated by Dr. Archil Eristavi after sustaining an injury. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Eristavi for his care and professionalism towards me. His confidence and positive attitude cannot be expressed by words. I wish Dr. Archil Eristavi health and further successes in all his future endeavors.

Date: 16th September 2018

Date: 26th January 2018

Mr. Eristavi treated my wife, who suffered from a brain tumor, at the Wellington Hospital. He is professional, skilled surgeon and very knowledgeable consultant. But most importantly he is a considerate person, who listens carefully and provides immense psychological and moral support, which is equally important at such difficult times. We are ever so grateful for the care and support we have received from Mr. Eristavi.

Date: 13th December 2017

IMPORTNANT! I been suffering from lower back spinal hernia for a few years. Tried it all from mild to wild therapies and Physio until one day I was told by orthopaedic doctor that I need to have an urgent surgery, involving putting metal work in my spine, fusing and caging it. And that my life will never be the same and that I might recover only after 6 months from the day of the surgery. I was shocked but decided to seek second opinion and that’s why I went to see Mr Eristavi at the Wellington Hospital. He reassured me and booked me for a much less extreme surgery (microdiscectomy) for the following week. The surgery went well and I was discharged from the hospital after a few days without any pain. I had an amazing experience and I am back to my normal life - free from any discomfort. Thank you, highly recommend... in 10 days after surgery I went to Havana, Cuba for holidays without any problems. Thank you Dr. Eristavi. You put me back on track. A year has passed. I resumed my gym training as you advised. I lost 12 kg since the time you saw me. I look younger I feel healthy. God bless you!

Date: 10th December 2017

I met Mr. Archil Eristavi at A&E of St. Mary's hospital. He treated me with outmost professionalism and care. He had time to talk to me and review my issues. He visited me several times and checked on me. His dedication was outstanding. He is a great neurosurgeon! I would highly recommend Mr. Eristavi.


დაწერე რეკომენდაცია

როგორი იყო შენი გამოცდილება?

ურჩევდი თუ არა სხვა პაციენტს არჩილ ერისთავთან ვიზიტს?


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